Alcohol home delivery

Alcohol home delivery


Published on 31 May, 2022

Drinks Vine – Alcohol delivery Nairobi has reached a point where we consider our services close to perfect. The journey that started with our shop operating as an over-the-counter liquor store in the city to one of the most reputable and reliable online liquor store has taken us years but today we are fully established and we have the best-rated alcohol home delivery. Today anyone can access our services any time of the day by easily visiting our website or downloading our mobile app, it is a promise we have made to our clients that whenever they are searching for “liquor store near me”, we will always be there.

We have redefined what alcohol home delivery used to be by bringing efficiency, reliability, and affordability. By bringing a delivery time of less than 30 minutes to residents of Nairobi at no extra cost, we have established ourselves as a top drinks delivery agency. Our online liquor delivery platform is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in Kenya. This guide explores our drinks delivery Nairobi and what you might need to know before you buy drinks online.

Alcohol delivery services

Our drinks delivery services cover all alcohol brands and alcohol types. You can order wine, spirits, and beers. Below is a highlight of these delivery services;

Spirits delivery

Our stores are stocked with spirits from all over the world. We have brought the best and most popular alcohol brands in one place to give customers more choices. We deliver whisky/ whiskey, cognac, rum, gin, vodka, brandy, liqueur, and tequila. 

Whiskey delivery

We have all brands and whisky types including single malt, blended whiskies, bourbon & Tennessee whiskies, Irish whiskey, Japanese whiskies, Canadian whiskies among others. If you visit our whisky shop you will find all these types of whisky. We bring more brands your way to make sure you have a variety to choose from. We are fully dedicated to giving you the best experience.

Wine delivery

As real progress is starting to be felt in online shopping in Kenya, online liquor delivery services are taking a lead. When it comes to wine delivery, we wine types from all the world, we have red wine, white wine, red dry wines, white dry wines, white sweet, red sweet, rose wines, sparkling wines, port wines, and champagnes. All these wines are available in our stores and there is no minimum order. Customers can order from one bottle of wine to cartons, we offer wholesale and retail wine and spirits prices

Beer delivery

Whenever you open your phone and search for alcohol delivery nearest to you, you expect to find all beer brands and if you purchase you need fast beer delivery service. This is exactly what Drinks Vine brings you, more beer brands and fast & free delivery. Before you order beers online, you need to know that you can’t order one can not unless you are buying another product, if all you want is beer the minimum you can order is a six-pack.

Gifts delivery

Once in a while, we have occasions that require us to appreciate those around us by gifting them. Although there are different ways of gifting those we care about, alcohol gifts are certainly one of the most popular gifts. We have wine gifts, whisky gifts, champagne gifts among other liquor gifts. We have some of the most expensive liquor brands we also have them, we also have affordable or low priced liquor brands.

We also deliver gift baskets with a bottle of booze, flowers and other items. To get a gift basket prepared it is advisable you give us the order a few hours prior to the event or time you want the basket delivered so that we can have enough time to prepare the basket.

Why order drinks from Drinks Vine?

  • Better prices - We offer the best prices for genuine products. We sell original alcohol brands at most affordable prices in the market. 
  • Regular discounts and coupon codes
  • We offer free delivery
  • Customized products


Published on 31 May, 2022

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