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Published on 31 May, 2022

Kenya is among the countries that love progress, we love to embrace new and exciting ways of accomplishing our daily chores. As a country, we are proud to be the world’s early adopters of mobile banking; we have been named as the leaders when it comes to mobile banking. With Mpesa, we grew our economy by helping business transact easily in a secure we, today we no longer send money back home with envelopes, and if you do that, we will definitely laugh on you, and trust me, we will be on the right side of the battle. Something else in the world of business is happening right before our eyes; e-commerce, people are opting to buy products online and this is saving them money and time. Online liquor stores are in the forefront leading this revolution. In this article we will explore drink delivery servicesonline shopping in Kenya is shaping, its future and how much we stand to benefit if you shop online.

Online shopping

E-commerce or electronic commerce is the process of buying or selling goods & services online. In Nairobi, online shopping has become the most preferred approach to shopping, the ease, convenience, and accessibility are the factors fueling this phenomenon. Online stores and shops are selling goods at better prices, operating until late hours and are open till late night. A few years ago, online shopping was penetrating in the Kenyan market at a low pace but when online liquor stores began to establish themselves and begun to offer fast and free booze delivery services, the game changed, alcohol delivery in Kenya became a competitive area and the players begun to set new standards in the Kenya e-commerce industry. Drinks delivery services begun offering 30 minutes delivery services in Nairobi and this changed the game completely. 

Online alcohol delivery

Online alcohol delivery industry created an environment that compelled other players to offer better services and better prices. At the same time, they have proved to customers that they can get genuine products at discounted prices and have them delivered within 30 minutes. This is what online liquor stores in Nairobi have proved to customer buying booze and other products online.

1. They can get genuine and original products

Most liquors are expensive and most often clients are buying class and prestige when they order for these expensive whiskeysexpensive wines, and other expensive liquors. Liquor stores like Dial a delivery are dedicated to offer only original products from genuine suppliers, this is all in attempt to win customer trust. This has created trust in most customers that they can get the exact products they want from suppliers. Liquor stores putting such efforts have pushed fake dealers out of the market. Most stores are selling those products that comply with legal requirements and that has enabled them to create an outstanding reputation.

2. Faster deliveries

Initially, customers avoided ordering products online due to the delayed delivery time. Most dial a drink services offer less than an hour delivery time. Liquor home delivery services have been made efficient when you order drinks online, it takes as little as 20 minutes to have the delivery made. This speed is attributed to the online stores employing fast and experienced riders who understand the city and surrounding areas well enough. Also searching for alcohol delivery near me on the web gives you the online wine & spirits shops in your area and this means you get your booze fast.

3. Lower prices

The online market has more players who want to dominate and in their quest to do so have lowered their prices to attract more customers. With this kind of scenario happening, it is most likely that you will find better prices than those you can get in supermarkets or traditional liquor stores.

4. Regular discounts

In the attempt to gain competitive advantage, most online alcohol stores offer regular discounts that enable their customers to keep their purchasing from them. Chances are that you will always get discounts and this will reduce the overall cost you spend on liquor. s

5. Loyalty programs

Liquor delivery platforms are not joking when it comes to keeping their customers, they are ready to sell cheaper to their regular customer. It would be really hard to find this kind of program anywhere else apart from these online alcohol delivery platforms and apps.

6. Customer service

If you happened to purchase a product online back some years, you might have the wrong impression about the customer service the experience you will get with the current online dealers. Today the digital shops have upped their game to a whole new level, starting with price, followup of the order progress, courtesy calls and after-sales service.


Published on 31 May, 2022

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