Alcohol delivery in Kenya - FAQs

Alcohol delivery in Kenya - FAQs

Online drinks delivery has bridged the gap between the liquor stores and the buyer. Today there are no hustles, no delays, and no delivery charges when you are buying drinks online in Nairobi. This means that anyone can order alcohol online provided they are 18 year and above. Online shopping begun a few years ago but the uptake was pretty low but over the years, this has changed. Since 2018, a significant population segment prefer buying goods and services online while another segment do product research online and read reviews with the intent of visiting the physical location to get the product or service. As we advance technologically and continue to embrace e-commerce in Kenya, there are a few tips we need to observe to ensure the process is smooth and that you get the value for your money. 

In this article, we will analyze the frequently asked questions by those who want to buy liquor online. We will highlight some of the most trusted online liquor stores in Nairobi and know where we shouldn’t buy alcohol online. This article is not biased towards any online liquor store and at the same time, it is an opinion based on facts and market data.

Before we look at the common customers questions, I believe it is important to mention that not all online liquor stores can be trusted, just like not all churches are genuine, and not everyone selling even water can be trusted. What I mean is, while every player in an industry might be trying to give the best product and service to the customers, you will find that there is one person trying to spoil the entire customer experience, and you will agree with me this is not something specific to online drinks delivery, it is a global concern across all industries. It’s fair to mention that liquor delivery services in Nairobi offers the best customer experience when compared with any other online shops in Kenya, here is why.

a) Fast deliveries, 30 minutes or less delivery time

b) More options or ordering Call, SMS, WhatsApp, and shopping cart

c) Best return policy. You can have products exchanged within an hour if the wrong product is delivered or there is any other issue.

d) Online liquor stores are cheaper

e) There are no delivery charges if you are in Nairobi.

f) Online liquor stores are establishing a 24 hour drinks delivery

g) Varieties. You can shop for all types of alcohol in these liquor shops that is wine, spirits, and beers.

h) There is no minimum order. You can order from one bottle to a large order.

f) Customers can always pay on delivery.

There are more features making alcohol delivery the leading in the field of ecommerce in Kenya, we will explore this features and more in this guide. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Where to buy alcohol online in Kenya?

You can purchase booze from any of the well-established liquor stores in Nairobi and be assured you will get quality of your money. Top rated online liquor stores in Kenya include Drinks Vine, Nairobi drinks, Drinks Zone and Drinks delivery Kenya

2. Where not to buy alcohol online in Nairobi?

When the deal is too good, think twice. Basically, this is common sense question, if I’m to get into more details I would say there is only one online liquor store selling alcohol at super low prices, lower than the importer or wholesalers which leaves you with the question, where do they get their products? The only reason everyone is in business is to make profits but when the cost of manufacturing a certain bottle of whiskey is Ksh 2,000 yet someone is selling it at Ksh 1,500. It goes without saying that something is not right.

3. Can you buy alcohol online?

Yes, as long as you are 18 years and above you can order drinks online, from a single bottle to large orders from any of the reputable online stores like Drinks Vine, Nairobi Drinks or Drinks Zone.

4. Can you order alcohol and pay on delivery?

Yes, most alcohol delivery platforms like offer customers the option to order and play when the goods have been delivered.

5. Is alcohol delivery free?

Top 4 liquor stores ( Nairobi drinks,, and ) don’t charge for deliveries made in Nairobi and the environs. When deliveries are made outside Nairobi there is a fee ( from Ksh 300 ) that is charged per delivery.

6. Is there a 24 hour drinks delivery in Nairobi?

On weekends and holidays, most online wine and spirits shops operate for 24 hours while others operate for 19 hours which means you can order drinks till 2: 00 am.

7. Which are some of the wine shops in Nairobi CBD

These are the wine shops in Nairobi CBD

  • Drinks Zone
  • Nairobi Drinks
  • Drinks Delivery Kenya
  • Drinks Vine
  • Jays wine

8. What's the prices of Jack Daniels in Kenya?

Different shops charge different prices for Jack Daniel’s 1 liter but the general price is from Ksh 3,300 to Ksh 3,500. If you are ordering one bottle, this cost includes the delivery fee if you are within Nairobi.

9. What's the minimum order?

When ordering drinks online there is no minimum order. You can order from one bottle to large orders. 

10. Can you order one can of beer?

No, beers are delivered from a six-pack. It is economical for the customer and for the liquor shop, it does not make business logic to deliver a can worth Ksh 150 and pay Ksh 300 or Ksh 400 to the delivery person.

11. Where to get the best alcohol prices in Nairobi?

Pioneers in the alcohol industry in Nairobi like Nairobi drinks ( offer the best liquor prices in Nairobi since they have started importing and they are also wholesalers. The products they sell are genuine and they comply with all the legal requirements and this means buying from them means you are getting original drinks and you can never get into trouble. There is one liquor store that will sell alcohol at very low prices but their products are questionable.

12. Where to buy original EABL drinks?

Booze sold online is 100% original and comes direct from the manufacturer but this may change if you go searching for the lowest alcohol prices from the back door. These stores Drinks Zone, Drinks Vine, Nairobi Drinks, and Drinks delivery offer 100% original products thus don’t.

13. Which is the best alcohol delivery app in Kenya?

Check out Drinks Vine app and Nairobi Drinks ( Android apps ) alcohol delivery apps they offer the best experience in my opinion.

14. Which are the best wines in Kenya and their prices?

  • Cellar cask 5 litres @ Ksh 3,400
  • 4th Street wine 5 litres @ Ksh 3,400
  • Rosso nobile cioccolata 750 ml @ Ksh 2,000
  • Chamdor wine (non-alcoholic) 750 ml @ Ksh 1,200 ( including delivery fee )
  • Moet & chandon imperial brut 750 ml @ Ksh 6, 500
  • Belaire rose 750 ml @ Ksh 5, 999

If you want wine, whiskey, cognac, beers or other drinks delivered this are some of the questions you should be asking yourself. It is important that whenever you purchase anything online including smartphones, TVs, or even a Car to ask yourself whether the deal makes sense, don’t waste your money or compromise your health while trying to save few hundreds or thousands, if everyone in the marketing is selling Samsung x at Ksh 90,000 and one supplier is selling at Ksh 50, 000 be cautious, cheap is expensive.