Glenmorangie whisky price in Kenya

glenmorangie signet product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 24,000
glenmorangie original product image from Drinks Vine
1 litre   Ksh 5,395
750 ml   Ksh 4,900
glenmorangie lasanta  product image from Drinks Vine
1 litre   Ksh 7,500
glenmorangie nectar dor 12 years product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 10,999
glenmorangie quinta ruban product image from Drinks Vine
1 litre   Ksh 7,500
glenmorangie 18 years  product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 20,000
glenmorangie duthac product image from Drinks Vine
750 ml   Ksh 14,500
Glenmorangie cardboll product image from Drinks Vine
750 ml   Ksh 19,799
Glenmorangie 19 years product image from Drinks Vine
700 ml   Ksh 24,799
Glenmorangie Companta product image from Drinks Vine
750 ml   Ksh 14,299
Glenmorangie 12 years accord bourbon & sherry casks product image from Drinks Vine
750 ml   Ksh 12,799
Glenmorangie price in Kenya
Product Name Price Alcohol contentCountry of origin Liquor category
glenmorangie signet 700 ml Ksh 24,000 46% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie original 1 litre Ksh 5,395 40% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie original 750 ml Ksh 4,900 40% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie lasanta 1 litre Ksh 7,500 43% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie nectar dor 12 years 700 ml Ksh 10,999 46% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie quinta ruban 1 litre Ksh 7,500 46% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie 18 years 700 ml Ksh 20,000 43% Scotland whisky
glenmorangie duthac 750 ml Ksh 14,500 43% Scotland whisky
Glenmorangie cardboll 750 ml Ksh 19,799 43% Scotland whisky
Glenmorangie 19 years 700 ml Ksh 24,799 43% Scotland whisky
Glenmorangie Companta 750 ml Ksh 14,299 46% Scotland whisky
Glenmorangie 12 years accord bourbon & sherry casks 750 ml Ksh 12,799 43% Scotland whisky

Glenmorangie brand

Whiskey has always been the world’s most celebrated category of liquor. It is in this class that you will get the most expensive and best-tasting alcohol. The brand Glenmorangie is among the world’s best whiskeys uniquely blended and patiently aged to produce the best taste and aromas. The composition of this whiskey is top quality material and pure spring water from the Scottish Highlands and the peaceful shores of Dornoch Firth. Each drop of this whiskey exhibits an incredible concentrated taste with a lingering delicious aftertaste.

Glenmorangie whiskey brand varies from younger to older blends. Older blends have a richer taste than the other younger blends. More charm means more cost, and luxury is guaranteed. If you want to fully enjoy the taste of the older blends of Glenmorangie whiskey, consider taking it straight. A little bit of water can be used to unleash the flavors. Water will not change the content of the whiskey; instead, it will enable you to have the real experience of this whisky. Smell the whisky to feel the aromas while slowly swirling the glass to release the aromas. You can opt to take it on the rocks, but if you want to have a full taste of the whisky, ice may numb your taste buds, and you may miss the elegance contained in this whisky.

For beginners, starting with the younger blends is advisable. They are the best to introduce you to the world of whisky. They will enable you to appreciate and differentiate between different whiskey flavors. Older whiskeys have more sophisticated flavors that may present a challenge to the beginners in distinguishing the different tastes. Every Glenmorangie whisky has its own unique tasting notes. Pleasure is more profound when you taste what you can well comprehend. Whiskey lovers pay attention to every detail in the taste, and that is how they choose their favorite. This brand will open your way to the world of whiskeys and guide you through identifying your favorite whisky. Glenmorangie is unhurriedly blended and matured to give its users the satisfaction they desire most.

This is one of the most affordable single malt Scotch whiskeys in the world. The quality contained is unmatched and never disappoints. It is available in almost every country, which means it doesn’t matter where you are in the world; you will still enjoy your favorite Glenmorangie. You can purchase this whiskey and enjoy it with your friends. You may decide to take shots of Glenmorangie whisky on Friday night with your friends to conclude the busy week. This whiskey works magic to give you the calmness you most desire. The best thing is that you do not need to go to the liquor store to buy it. You can have it delivered to you in the comfort of your home or your desired venue. Whether you choose the luxurious blends or a younger best tasting Glenmorangie whisky, we got you covered; and at most affordable price. Dial us now for the best drinks delivery services in Nairobi; we will deliver your Glenmorangie in less than 30 minutes. You can also checkout other whisky types and brand.