Liquor delivery Nairobi - Alcohol delivery service

Liquor delivery Nairobi - Alcohol delivery service

Alcohol delivery has become a norm nowadays, thanks to the establishment of many liquor stores in Nairobi. Today we have around 15 well-established liquor delivery platforms that deliver alcohol online in Nairobi CBD and the environs. Although liquor delivery service is an online shopping activity there are fundamental differences, especially where other products like electronics are involved. The main difference arises due to factors like delivery time, purchase frequency, operational hours, return policy among other factors. This article will focus on liquor delivery services in Kenya and how to get the most benefit out of it all. The article will also highlight some of the best practices to observe when buying alcohol online in Nairobi.

Getting the most out of liquor delivery services

Drinks delivery Kenya has come of age and the players are well established with great delivery platforms that allow clients to buy alcohol online in Kenya at any time of the day but as a client how can you get the best prices, regular offers, better customer services and personalized services? To enjoy the above benefit, follow the tips below.

1. Choose and maintain one vendor

This is the major way through which you get to get the most benefit. Taking an example of dial a delivery loyal customers, we offer them better prices and notify them whenever there is an offer. We maintain a close relationship with these clients and time after time we give them better alcohol prices and also gifts, this way they get to spend less on alcohol. Since we have their information and the brands they prefer, we send them notifications of the upcoming offer of those brands. Also, they get their delivery made faster since we already have their address. It is advisable to identify one liquor store in Nairobi become regular customers this way you establish a relationship that is mutually beneficial to both parties.

2. Order before 12: 00 am

The alcohol industry is a unique industry, where expensive products are involved, prices tend to vary by small margins. Try doing an experiment if you are in Nairobi, walk into a shop at noon and ask the price of one expensive product say King George V whisky, then come at around 2: 00 am and ask the price again, the probability is the price will be a little higher. Although online liquor stores in Nairobi have standardized these prices, and offer consistent prices regardless of time, you will find that sometimes they might deplete the stock for a certain product and when you order during late night hours, they will be forced to replenish their order and probability is the new stock will be bought at higher price this might translate to higher prices in your end. Most online liquor stores offer a 24 hour drinks delivery Nairobi ordering prior might reduce the cost.

3. Order in bulk

This is an obvious fact; when you buy in large amounts the prices are lower. If you are looking for wine delivery in Nairobi, you can purchase at wholesale prices if you order more bottles.

4. Schedule your orders

Do you want your drinks delivered on a specific date, for a birthday, wedding or other events? It is good to schedule with the liquor store and have the products at the right time. This also ensures that all the needed products are delivered, in some instances, the liquor store may not have all the products and this will give them an allowance to replenish their stock and make the delivery.

5. Purchase from a reliable liquor store

If you search for “whisky delivery Nairobi”, “drinks delivery Nairobi”, “alcohol delivery app” or “drinks delivery near me” you will find many liquor stores but some are better than others in terms of delivery time, customer services, reliability and other aspects, it is essential to ensure that the booze delivery provider you choose offers quality services. The well known liquor stores that offer superior services are Dial a delivery, Nairobi drinks, Drinks delivery Kenya and Dial a drink Nairobi. Choosing a reliable online store is the first step to getting good alcohol delivery services.

Above are a few tips to observe if you want great customer service, there are other factors that you should consider such as the reviews of the alcohol delivery app, business reviews, variety and efficiency of the liquor store. The above are just but a few tips but they are essential in Ensuring you get the best out of the drink delivery service.